The Everymen, No Ice, The Rock'n'Roll Hi Fives

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The Everymen

No Ice

The Rock'n'Roll Hi Fives

Sat, May 13, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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The Everymen
The Everymen
Hello. My name is Mike V. I am the main dude behind The Everymen. I write all the songs and make all the arrangements. Sometimes I even buy the beers.

But I couldn’t do any of it without my amazing friends Stephen Chopek, Catherine Herrick, Geoff Morrissey, The Brothers Zillitto (Scott and Jamie), Jake Fiedler, Mike Moebius and Joe Centeno (though never more than five of us play at a time). That may seem like a lot for a band that many would describe as “garage” or “punk” but rest assured, they are all involved and equally as important as I am. Lucky for me, I am by far the least talented member of this crazy fucking family. And rest assured that we’re not a garage band. And we’re hardly cool enough to be a punk band. We’re a rock and roll band and we’re from New Jersey.

The Everymen are a lot of fun to hang out with. We prefer beers out of cans and love a backyard barbeque. We like our shows to rumble and we love when our drunk fans dance on the fucking tables. We like our guitars to be loud and it kind of breaks our heart that this is suddenly unhip. But we don’t really let it bother us. We like hooks. We like sax. We like wearing jeans and t shirts and we hate “style.” We think guitar players with more than 5 pedals should just play a fucking keyboard already. We like our records a lot. But we still think playing a great show is the most important thing a band can do.

Despite now living in New York City I still say “New Jersey” whenever people ask where The Everymen are from. Some nights we’re from Jersey City. Some nights we’re from the Jersey Shore. But we’ll always be a band from Jersey. It may seem silly at first, considering most of us don’t live in New Jersey anymore but the reality is where I am from is as inextricable from these songs as the guitars, the voices and the drums. We’re a New Jersey rock band. We’re always going to be a New Jersey rock band. Allow that to inform you how it will.

Mike V and The Everymen
No Ice
No Ice
No Ice is NOICE.

This new-ish New York band (born circa 2014 A.D.) play scrappy, life-affirming rock 'n' roll for the world weary everyman. Come for the punk. Stay for the doo-wop shoo-wops!

Think early Elvis Costello meets Buffalo Tom meets J Mascis meets The Lemonheads meets whoever YOU want to think about.

No Ice would be a good crew to go see after a long day working hard (or hardly working, if you work in the Music Industry) when you want to blow off some steam and brush off your cares and get blasted by a good band living in the moment, man.

Speaking of working hard, we've listed 25 No Ice shows on the (NYC) blob so far this year and it's still only October (A.D.) so if things hold No Ice will almost surely be included in our annual year end “Hardest-Working Bands" feature. Hope they're ready 4 da fame!

(read “The Hardest-Working Bands of 2015" and “The Hardest Working-Bands of 2014" as soon as you're done reading this really great band profile, please).

You may now listen to and love No Ice's latest album “Come On Feel The No Ice."

That's a good title (Evan Dando would probably agree) and this is a good album.

Patrick McNamara/Oh My Rockness
The Rock'n'Roll Hi Fives
The Rock'n'Roll Hi Fives
If you want to find the hardest rocking family band in the truest sense of the word, look no further than New Jersey’s Rock N’ Roll Hi-Fives.

Comprised of parents Joe (guitar) and Gloree (bass) and their progeny Eilee (vocals), and Evren (drums).

the Rock N’ Roll Hi-Fives are more than gimmick. They’re a great band with great songs.
Venue Information:
Monty Hall
43 Montgomery St.
Jersey City, NJ, 07302