Filmmaking collective KHLOARIS proudly presents
An Evening of New Psychotronic Cinema

Filmmaking collective KHLOARIS proudly presents

Ages 17+
"An Evening of New Psychotronic Cinema," featuring the Double Feature Premieres

of Dylan Greenberg's "The Bathtub," a wild journey through an imagined paper city, featuring Amanda Flowers the film debut of Bob Bert, and Josafat Concepcion's '"Holy Wound," a witchcraft-positive bloody wilderness travelogue. Also on display will be the latest creation from underground master Nick Zedd, "The Reckoning," the mysterious "Encantado: The True Story of Lu's Ghosts" and more of the wildest in modern short cinema!

With live performances by Theophobia (direct from their NYC Miss Subways win and live PBS performance), Bunny X and the Bathtub Players. Music legend Bob Bert will celebrate his acting debut by reading excerpts from his recent bio "I'm Just the Drummer."

Film screening approximately 1:15, additional programming approximately 1:15.

Venue Information:
Monty Hall
43 Montgomery Street
Jersey City, NJ, 07302